What highways do your trucks travel on?
We have routes everywhere in North America. We can usually advertise a client in whatever territory or city they want to be seen in.
How many hours a day and how many days a week are the trucks on the road?
The trucks are on the road 12-24 hours a day depending on the route they are on.
What routes do the trucks travel in?
Pretty much everywhere in North America. Our clients can choose to be displayed on a truck within a specific route or territory.
What if my wrapped trailer gets stolen or damaged?
Our freight supplier carries insurance which covers repair or replacement in the event of damage, theft or accident.
Where do your trailers come from?
We work with several suppliers which specialize in specific regions in North America.
What size is the trailer?
In most cases we supply 53 foot trailers for our transport truck advertising service. We can also supply smaller trucks upon request.
Can I renew a truck after my 1 year is up?
Yes! In fact you will receive a discounted rate for renewal!
How often are the trucks washed?
Once a week in the winter, spring months. Bi-weekly or monthly during the summer.
How long will the wrap last?
The wrap is guaranteed to last 5 to 7 years.
Who does the installation of the truck wrap?
We only work with the very best – our suppliers are Platinum 3M Installers that specialize in wrapping Big Rigs!
What happens if my truck is involved in an accident?
The trailer is insured against damage to your ad graphics and any damage will be repaired.
How many people will see my truck ad?
We have placed GPS tracking in our trucks to track the number of impressions (vehicles) that pass our trucks on a daily basis. On an average day 50,000 to 80,000 vehicles pass our trucks daily!!
What are your payment arrangements? Do you offer financing?
You can pay by email money transfer, Visa, MasterCard or cheque. We do offer financing too!
Do you offer tracking capabilities or reporting that shows exposures to my truck ad?
Yes this premium service is available to new clients.
How long have you been in business?
Since 2013.
Are your drivers respectful sharers of the road?
We have carefully chosen the best freight suppliers in the industry. Our suppliers consistently display high standards and are ISO certified. The trucks are employee-driven with GPS tracking.
Who does the design of the trailer wrap?
We have a team of amazing designers that know the best practices for designing a massive, moving billboard that command’s the public’s attention.

Some of our client’s prefer to use their own designer and that is ok too.

Do you work with Advertising Agencies?
Some of our clients are referred by agencies that are assisting their clients with branding, re-branding or launching new products and services.
Do I have to book the entire truck? What if I want to just advertise on the back door?
We offer the option of half a side, full side or the rear door. Shared advertising is affordable for any business and costs far less than you would think!
Have a friend that wants to advertise on a transport truck, do you have a referral program?

Yes we pay for referrals. Please click here to learn more:

How long is the advertising term on the truck?

1 year minimum and can renew indefinitely.

Our non-profit organization could really benefit by advertising our cause on a transport truck. Do you offer discounts to charities?

Yes! Send email to hello@bigrigwraps.ca and request our Sponsorship Package.

How much does it cost?

Pricing depends on the size of truck you book, the amount of space you advertise on and the truck’s route. Click here for a quote!

How will I know if it’s working?
You will notice an increase in traffic to your web site and social media pages. If you review your Google Analytics, you will see traffic coming from web searches by people using your company name or web site address (as opposed to keyword searches). The geographical locations of the searches will be in the same region as your truck’s route. Some truck routes have GPS tracking available also.


Frequently asked questions.


Let your marketing plan guide you. If you are distributing locally and don’t plan on opening new markets, consider a local route.

If you are distributing across Canada and are starting to serve the U.S., consider one of our multi-national routes. Better yet, tell us who your target market is, and we can design a custom route for you.


Fully wrapped (both sides and back door) trucks have the greatest impact and command industry leadership.

We have many options available to suit most budgets – ask us for details



Simple, bold, eye-catching and memorable. Our brand strategists will work with you to plan campaign goals and determine your call to action.


The cost of transport truck advertising has two parts:

  1. The cost to design, print the vinyl and wrap the truck.
  2. The monthly or annual cost for the ad space on the truck.

Our commitment to you: no hidden costs.


Ensure your truck ad design matches the look and feel of ALL your current marketing: online, print media and storefront. Use geo-tracking digital ad campaigns to coordinate your truck’s route with your digital advertising. Run contests, display your truck at public events and team up with the Big Rig Wraps Social Media team to spread the word about your truck and your company.

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