Best of GBB in 2019: Green Businesses Leading the Sustainable Business Movement

Best of GBB in 2019: Green Businesses Leading the Sustainable Business Movement

by | Sep 21, 2019 | Press

Our members continue to amaze us with their commitment to sustainability and their innovative green and social responsibility initiatives. They lead by example and demonstrate how business can be used as a platform for good. With the end of 2019 rapidly approaching, we’d like to take this time to recognize some of our member companies via our inaugural “Best of GBB” awards. All our members are regular companies with businesses to run, and they all do their part in becoming greener, more socially responsible and thoughtful. We’ve selected five members who stood out, created great greener businesses and demonstrated their commitment to sustainability with tangible actions and results!

Big Rig Wraps

Big Rig Wraps

Big Rig Wraps offers advertising opportunities on trucks across North America, giving businesses an effective way to reach new markets by leveraging ads on wraps on the semi trucks and big rigs that dominate the highway. The company’s core business is in fact a green practice since it is placing advertising on space that already exists, but it also implements and encourages many other green processes including re-use of materials and efficient fuel and energy management. As part of their GBB membership, Big Rig Wraps is focusing on two core green initiatives: 1) Encouraging and occasionally rewarding clients and partners to follow the 3Rs. This includes adopting a zero-waste policy, limiting the use of paper and minimizing the use of plastics, energy, and water. 2) Helping fleet partners access government incentive plans to upgrade equipment and transport trucks to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. “The sustainability efforts and green initiatives the team here at Big Rig Wraps have launched have resulted in a number of positive changes, including having multiple companies in North America expand their fleets with newer, better-performing, more eco-friendly equipment,” said Angela Baltkois, Big Rig Wraps CEO. “Our fleet partners, staff and even social media followers have adopted zero-waste policies and are following the 3Rs. That’s a big win in our book.”

Big Rig Wraps

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Green Business Bureau

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